CSE 493Q: "Intro to Quantum Computation"
(Spring 2024)

Course Information

Instructor: Andrea Coladangelo

TAs: Lukshya Ganjoo, Justin Tysdal, Gian Marco Visani

Time & location: Tuesday and Thursday 10-11.20am, CSE2 G10

Class Q&A: Ed Discussion

Office hours:

Andrea: Monday 4-5pm (CSE2 212)

Justin: Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm (CSE2 153)

Luksh: Wednesday 3-4pm (Allen 5th floor breakout space)

Gian Marco: Friday 2.30-3.30pm (Allen 4th floor breakout space)

TA-led section: Friday 1.30-2.20pm, ECE 045

Course Description

The goal of the course is to rigorously understand the basics of the theory of quantum computation, and to explore as many fascinating applications and phenomena in quantum information as possible. 

Prerequisites: a lot of familiarity with concepts from Math 208 (Linear Algebra) and CSE 312 (Foundations of Computing II).

Tentative Schedule

03/26: Course overview; the double-slit experiment; complex numbers, linear algebra review (slides, notes)

03/28: Linear algebra review (continued); single-qubit states and measurements (notes)

04/02: Measurements in a different basis; uncertainty principle; global and relative phases; unitary evolution (notes)

04/04: Bra-ket notation; Elitzur-Vaidman tester; Quantum Key Distribution (notes, slides, slides)

04/09: States of many qubits, measurements and gates (notes)

04/11: Partial measurements, Magic Square game  (notes, slides)

04/16: CHSH game

04/18: CHSH game (continued); Quantum teleportation

04/23: No class

04/25: Midterm review

04/30: Basics of quantum computation

05/02: Deutsch's algorithm; Simon's algorithm

05/07: Simon's algorithm (continued); Programming quantum algorithms

05/09: Grover's algorithm

05/14: Grover's algorithm (continued); Shor's algorithm and period-finding

05/16: Shor's algorithm and period-finding (continued)

05/21: Shor's algorithm and period-finding (continued)

05/23: Hamiltonian Simulation

05/28: Final (in class)

05/30: Final review, and TBD

Homeworks & Exams

Homework 1 (due Wednesday 04/03 at 11.59pm): pdf, tex

Homework 2 (due Wednesday 04/10 at 11.59pm): pdf, tex

Homework 3 (due Wednesday 04/17 at 11.59pm): pdf, tex


60% homeworks, 20% mid-term, 20% final

Late submission policy

4 tokens for 24 hours late submission of homeworks, no questions asked (you may use at most one on each homework). The tokens cannot be used on the take-home midterm.